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Will Social Media Marketing ACTUALLY Help Your Clinic?

November 15, 20234 min read

Let's face it. If you're a clinic owner and you've got a direct landline for your clinic, you've received marketing calls before and likely you've received and heard empty claims made by marketing agencies that they can "transform your clinic businesses through the power of social media". Sound like mumbo jumbo? Not sure who to trust? what re the actual profit margins? Let's unveil the truth right here, right now!

The Short Answer:

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Prepare yourself, because social media marketing for clinics does work. But the question is, what is your definition of "work" and what are your expectations? If you're looking for overnight success, patients queueing up outside your door after running a Facebook Ad for one day, think again. Facebook Ads for clinics can be very successful and lucrative for the [social_warfare]clinic industry. Nonetheless, they must be done right and they must be a campaign in place. No single unthought Ad can be posted for your clinic and expect to generate good, let alone decent, results. It needs careful planning, strategized sequences and a whole lot of testing. But once you've cracked it and found a winning Ad, you've hit a goldmine.

The Long Answer:

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So here's why it works. Facebook, according to the second quarter of 2019, has over 2.41 billion active monthly users. For a bit of perspective, that's all of Europe, all of India and all of the U.S combined, with a little more left to spare. That's how colossal Facebook's community is.

Now, let's imagine you are running an Ad, but not on Social Media, let's say it's a billboard Ad or handing out/mailing flyers to promote your clinic. Your audience is open, there is little to no targeting, anyone can view your Ad and 50% of those viewers will likely be unqualified, already money down the drain. This why Facebook Ads are so effective; they allow you to target a specific audience, in a specific geo-location and only push the ad to that audience, so there's no one but you're target audience seeing your Ad. Great right! But a Facebook Ad alone won't cut it, people need emotional engagement, they need to feel understood. There needs to be continuity, the customer journey can't end at an Ad, they need to be booked in through a call to action. This is where a landing page comes in.

Landing pages are brilliant, they convert a lead into a qualified lead. Generally, they are easy to set up, but you'll need someone who is a guru at copy and sales letter writing if you want to convert highly qualified customers at volume. A good and trusted agency can help with that.

Next is trial and testing. If you're a local business and you're running a Facebook Ad for the first time, you need to accept that there will be a significant testing period and essentially this will be an ongoing process. You need to test ideas, offers, strategies, landing pages, copy, audiences, the list goes on. No Ad is evergreen. Ads fatigue out and do lose traction. Sometimes, they don't work at all. This isn't a sign that "Facebook Ads" doesn't work, but rather a sign that you need to re-strategize and if you're really ahead of the curb, you'll be testing from the beginning or running a separate Ad for testing. This is where having an agency run your social media campaigns for you can be effective and profitable. Most agencies have invested a wealth of time and money, testing and failing to find winning ads for businesses. Trial and testing is an agency bread and butter, no one does it better. If you are serious about achieving results for your clinic, consider hiring an agency.

End Note:

That's all. We hope you have found this blog post helpful and maybe answer some pressing questions you may have had about social media and it's effectiveness in helping clinic. 90 10 Agency is a paid media agency helping clinics in the UK to increase the number of customers coming into their clinics. If you are interested in learning more about how 90 10 Agency has helped businesses and what systems are used, head over to our homepage for more details or book in a call with a strategist to get a comprehensive audit on your business.

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