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5 Irresistible Techniques To Use In Your Facebook Ad Copy!

November 06, 20233 min read

Throw away everything and your copy is the one thing that will make or break your Ad an in dorm cases make or break your business.

Good copy helps facilitate a positive brand image. If done right, sales can shoot through roof over the right wordplay, but it's often hard to do and there is a lot of hit and misses involved. This can be costly and there is a lot out there on copywriting, but what about for the clinic niche. What can clinic business do specifically to amp up the impact of their copy in Social Media Ad campaigns?

Our Agency has spent a lot of money trialling and testing different Ad copy's for clinics to discover the winning template. We've found a few key techniques to use in your copy which work every time. If you can follow the right steps and position them in the right way, then your product will sell like hotcakes.

"The advertising man is a liaison between the products of business and the mind of the nation. He must know both before he can serve either." — Glenn Frank

1. Pain Points

A pain point is a specific problem your customer might be facing, in other words you can think of a pain point as a problem. After highlighting the top pain points, it's just a matter of positioning your product as a solution. Pain point examples include: recurring injuries, reduced fitness, cost etc. Use them carefully, avoid offence, but be clear too.

2. Links

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Add a link to your Ad directing towards your opt-in page/booking system/landing page. Adding a link in the copy will help get more clicks. Sounds unnecessary because there is already a button on the Facebook Ad, but can make a world of difference for improved customer journey, it makes the process even easier for your prospects. A button alone just isn't enough.

2. Killer Headline

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It can't be just any one. No, it's got to be a head turner. Make it an offer! People are notorious for skimming, scrolling and scanning. A good headline is like an ad for your ad, if it's done well, it will grab your customer's attention and get them to read the copy. Studies show that you have about 2 seconds to achieve this. Spend your time here.

2. Bullet Points

Key! Often used to highlight the benefits of a service. Bullet points are extremely scannable and easy to read because it condenses large chunks of information into smaller digestible sentences which stick. Use them in almost every piece of copy. You can use to tick icons too for added psychological effect.

2. CTA

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In other words, mentioning the offer. More often than not, this is where clinic owners shy away. Be sure to put a clear call to action at the end of your copy and get people to move onto the next step. There is an old adage in sales, you loose 100% of the sales you don't ask for. If you've followed all the steps above and your copy really hits home with your target audience, especially on an emotional level, then a CTA will be justified and your service will speak for itself.

Follow the steps above and you are bound to see more sales and conversions. But as with every business, your situation is unique and we understand that, which is why we'd like to give you a further helping hand by offering a strategy call with one of our team members to assess your situation, see where you're at and hopefully give you some advice on what to expect from your marketing agency or what to look for in an agency. Click the link to book in a call with a specialist for a time that suits you best!

Thanks for reading!

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Account director at 90 10 Marketing

Daniyal Siddiqui

Account director at 90 10 Marketing

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